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Team 11 - LETHLEAN Team
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Board No vs Team   Contract Result Score   Contract Result Score   Net Score Net Imps   Datum NS EW
Board 13: MOFFAT Team 4S E950 4S E9-50   00   -603-3
Board 23: MOFFAT Team 3NT W10-430 2NT W7-50   -480-10   -320-3-9
Board 33: MOFFAT Team 3NT W5400 2S S6100   50011   2093
Board 43: MOFFAT Team 4S S10620 4S S11-650   -30-1   5602-3
Board 53: MOFFAT Team PASS N=0 3S N9-140   -140-4   100-3-1
Board 63: MOFFAT Team 3S N9140 4S N950   1905   7023
Board 73: MOFFAT Team 3D S7-200 2D S8-90   -290-7   0-5-3
Board 83: MOFFAT Team 3D W9-110 4DX W8-300   -410-9   50-4-6
Total-15  1-19

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