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2019 Joyce and Max Worthington celebrating their 70th Wedding Anniversary

Date: 22-Apr-19

2019-04-13 Novice Teams Winners: Derek, Ying, Melly, Weiping with Club President Ken.

Date: 15-Apr-19

2019-04-06 - Saturday Beginners Group with Teacher Janet Loosmore and President Ken Clem

Date: 8-Apr-19

2019-03-19 Teams of Three Convener Jane, Director - Zone Co-Ordinator Julie, Pres. Ken

Date: 20-Mar-19

2019-03-19 Teams of Three 1st - Ping Xiomin Mark Philip with Club Pres. Ken.

Date: 20-Mar-19

2019-03-17 KISS TROPHY A 1. Philip Chang Ping Xie with Sponsor Gonnie Koster, Pres. Ken Clem,Convener Jane Whelan

Date: 20-Mar-19